John Steed's Flats - No.2
5 Westminster Mews
The new flat from the second season with Cathy Gale appears for the first time in series 3 episode The Nutshell. It makes its final appearance in the end scene of Lobster Quadrille, the latest episode of series 3.

John Steed lived here from at least April 1963 to March 1964. The adress is confirmed in episodes "The Undertakers" and "The Mauritius Penny".

Based on the view outside the window it has to be at least on the 3rd or 4th floor of the building.

It's unclear why Steed changed his first residence, but the address of John Steed's second apartment is amazingly the same as that one of the first apartment. Perhaps there are several flats in the same building.

Compared to the first modest flat this one is an improvement.

It consists of a spacious living room, a small kitchen and a bedroom.

From the bedroom (Steed comes out of the room dressed in pyjama bottoms and a dressing gown in Death of a Batman) however, you only see the door, covered with a map of the Kensington district.

In the episode, The Nutshell the kitchen unit is missing. So is the door to the bedroom, which is here still replaced by a bookshelf.

The flat is much cozier and better furnished than his first apartment.
The living room has a fireplace; on the same level, there is a coffee table, several different chairs or armchairs, at times even a rocking chair or a couch. A service hatch connects the living room with a small kitchen. In front of the kitchen wall stands Steed's fold-out desk.
Above the level of the living room is a platform through which Steed reaches the bedroom and the front door. A few steps lead to this platform from the living room. Embedded in the pedestal is a sofa, often covered with a tiger rug. Typical for the equipment are unique items, many nautical instruments, that have a relation to the Navy or the sea, such as several model ships, an hourglass, a compass, an octant, binnacle, navigation lights, paintings of ships, anchor lamps or a telescope or the woolie at the wall.

Trivia: This could be a connection to Patrick Macnee's wartime service in the Royal Navy.

There is also a connection to other flats: the considerable model ship in 4 Queen Anne's court, the pictures opposite Steed's kitchen in 3 Stable Mews, and the numerous ships drawings or paintings of sea battles in Steed's later mansion Steed's Stud.
The telescope and Steed's tuba appear for the first time in the episode Dressed to Kill and can be seen in his third flat too.

Above the fireplace hangs a painting of Steed's grandfather, known as "Stallion Steed", from the year 1892.

Trivia: This could be a homage to Sir Daniel Macnee, the Scottish portrait painter, who was Patrick Macnee's grandfather.

The flat has a warning system because an alarm starts if someone tries to break in through the front door. A flashing light in the kitchen indicates an intruder (The Charmers).

Steed's Telephone number: Whitehall 0011 = 994 0011 (The Wringer and The White Elephant).

No one dies in the flat, but Cathy shot one criminal in the arm in The Nutshell.

Steed's telephone number it the same number that Steed gave Dr. Keel as '5's telephone number in Square Root of Evil (p.54)

There's no bathroom, but Steed could have mentioned it once. "I have been in the bath" (The Golden Fleece). And he takes longer than most in there. But he could be referring to a Turkish bath.

On a Sunday Steed has to walk to the corner of Horse Guard to get a taxi (The Nutshell) and it takes Steed around 12 to 15 minutes to reach The Ministry (or the Department where Charles works) from his flat, which is not far away from 5 Westminster Mews (around one mile as mentioned in The Wringer). If Steed really works for the War Office (remamed in 1964 in Ministry of Defence) his flat could be somewhere in the Whitehall area.
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Panorama view
Steed's card with his address as seen in "The Undertakers".