John Steed and The Avengers in books
Avengerworld.The Avengers in our lives,
ed. Alan Hayes, Hidden Tiger Books 2016 (6th February 2016)
Avengerworld. The Avengers in our lives“ is a collection of essays and it brings together memoirs of how The Avengers fans first encountered the series and how they grew up with it at their side.

Fans from all over the world joined this project and they share their unique „The Avengers experience“ with the reader.

Editor of the book is Alan Hayes, well known as author of books about series 1 of the British TV series The Avengers and webmaster of The Avengers Declassified

The book sale benefits the Champion Chanzige charity.

Release date is Saturday 6th February - the day that would have been Patrick Macnee’s 94th birthday and so this book will be dedicated to Patrick Macnee’s memory.

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Hidden Tiger Books or LULU
"The essays (and there are 43 of them!) take the theme "The Avengers in my life" and each author approaches the subject from his or her unique perspective. Fans from many nations are represented in the book and they reveal what it was like to grow up with The Avengers in different parts of the world - Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, the UK and the USA.

Among the writers are the pioneering television historian Dave Rogers, who has written the foreword - returning to write about The Avengers after more than ten years - and Jason Whiton of SpyVibe, who delivers the afterword. It wouldn't be fair to highlight specific writers beyond these two, but suffice it to say that the quality of writing is very high throughout the book. There are names that you will recognise and others that will be new to you. I've worked with all these people over the last year, and I must say it has been a huge pleasure to co-ordinate the Avengerworld book - one of the highlights of my time in fandom.The book is, I believe, valuable in the way that it documents fan experiences in different cultures and environments, but it is doubly important in that it is a charity title which will help improve the lives of underprivileged children at a primary school in Chanzige, South Tanzania."

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Source: The AvengersDeclassified

Reviews of the book

Review by TV historian and journalist Andrew Pixley, author of The Avengers files, Reynolds & Hearn Ltd, 2004