John Steed and The Avengers in books
Avengerland Revisited. The Definitive Guide to the Avengers on film

Rodney Marshall (Ed), Out There Publication 2015 (December 23, 2015)


350 pages
"Avengerland Revisited offers the definitive guide to this iconic series, with the filmed era of the show reviewed from every possible angle."

The final volume of Rodney Marshalls The Avengers on film is Avengerland Revisited, which covers "the entire filmed run through a thematic guide organized around topics like sets, locations, music, fashions, cars, teasers, tags, Cold War, Country House trap, the Art of Murder, diabolical masterminds, main characters, etc."
source: Jason Whiton/ Spy Vibe

It's a collection of essays about different The Avengers and The New Avengers topics contributed by 22 writers: Darren Burch, Eric Cazalot, Denis Chauvet, Richard Cogzell, Sam Denham, Cindy Dye, JZ Ferguson, Bernard Ginez, Magaret Gordon,  Alan Hayes, Frank Hui, Lauren Humphries-Brooks, Piers Johnson, Matthew Lee, Rodney Marshall, Roger Marshall, Dan O'Shea, Mark Saunders, James Speirs, Frank Shailes, Sunday Swift and Jaz Wiseman.

"Avengerland Revised" is an interesting wide-diversified book to the following topics and more:

Characters of the The Avengers and The New Avengers series:

John Steed, Emma Peel, Tara King, Mother, Mike Gambit, Purdey and "eccentric guest characters" of the series


Patrick Macnee

Historical, sociological and cultural background:

Cold War, cultural revolution on television; fetishisation, commodation, self-invention, aestheticism


set design and locations of The Avengers and The New Avengers, directing The Avengers, music of the series, cars, fashion

Characteristic elements of the series

tag scenes an teasers - opening and closing scenes, main titles sequences; the art of murder, martial arts

Interviews and memories

Roger Marshall, Raymond (Ray) Austin