John Steed and The Avengers in books
Avengerland Regained. Reassessing The New Avengers

(The Avengers on film - Volume 4)

Rodney Marshall & JZ Ferguson (Ed)

Out There Publication (July 15, 2015)
The production of The Avengers ended after the Tara King era in the late 1960ths.

"The creation of The New Avengers, in 1976, saw John Steed re-emerge, alongside two younger co-leads: sophisticated action girl Purdey and Gambit, a ‘hard man’ with a soft centre. The cultural context had changed - including the technology, music, fashions, cars, fighting styles and television drama itself - but Avengerland was able to re-establish itself. Nazi invaders, a third wave of cybernauts, Hitchcockian killer birds, a sleeping city, giant rat, a deadly health spa, a skyscraper with a destructive mind…"

Rodnes Marshall and JZ Ferguson edited the fourth volume of The Avengers on film: Avengerland Regained. Reassessing The New Avengers.

"What was The New Avengers - a part of "The Avengers dynasty? Illegitmate offspring? Stepchild? Can it represent both a new series and still be a part of the show's history?"  (p.16)

The eleven authors who contributed to the book  are very clear about the fact that The New Avengers had some continuing elements of the older series, but it also was an evolution and reflected the world and the TV productions of the mid 70ths