"My pictures, my porcelain, my Bentley…everything I cared about…you!".

Mark Crayford, Steed former friend, now a deadly enemy, knows where to inflict damage on Steed - by trying to kill Purdey and destroying the things which are of great value for Steed.

Dead Men Are Dangerous is a good The New Avengers episode, but it's a sad one too.

A bomb blows up one of Steed's old loves - his vintage Bentley.
For him, it is almost as if one of his friends dies. As Steed kneels in front of the vintage Bentley's remains, is palpable as he has loved the car.

There's a second car that gets completely destroyed in TNA Obsession but this time Steed is doing it on purpose. It's Steed's own Land Rover and the agent prevents the start of the rocket by driving the car over the pit, that is supposed to be the rocket launch.
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