Telephones in Steed's Flats
"Hello, Hello...ici Steed!"

There is hardly an episode without Steed making or recieving a phonecall. Which and how many telephones did he have in the flats?
1. The Gilded Cage
2. The Golden Fleece
Second Sight
Outsite-in Men
The Medicine Men

Mr Teddy Bear
or The Golden Eggs
The Gilded Cage (1): Bakalite Ericsson telephone No's N8440
The Golden Fleece: possibly a black plastic type no.706 with PVC cord and steel dial (only number ring no letters)
Nutshell and Second Sight
Nutshell and Second Sight (4) possibly a no. 706 (plastic?) in ivory with a straight grebe handset cord
The White Elefant
Outsite-In-Man and The Medicine Men
The White Elefant: Ivory Bakalite type 1000 by Ericsson (?)
Black Bakalite 300 Type Telephone
Black Bakalite Tpye 300 Telephone
Black Bakalite 300 Type Telephone
Honey for the Prince
The House That Jack Built
Flat 4

Return of the Cybernauts The Correct way to Kill Death's Door A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station
Steed's answerphone
Phillips four-track Tape Recorder EL 3541.
Steed's answerphone in Far Merchants and You Just Have Been Murdered
Steed's using a two tone (Return of the Cybernauts, The Correct Way to Kill) and an ivory type 706 telephone (Death Door, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station, The Joker)
Series 6
Killer Super Secret Cypher Snatch
three different 706 phones: beige, black and green two tone one
Steed using a recorder to leave a message in Stay Tuned.
Steed's Stud in progress