I never did believe in rules. (The Danger Makers)

I didn't say I fight fair. (The Town of No Return)

I told you, I never fight fair. (TNA Hostage)

It is supposed to help Sherlock Holmes! (Steed is playing the violin in TNA The Eagle's Nest)

I have worked here for same time, so far I have managed to keep ahead of the opposition. (Man In The Mirror)

Office work isn't quite my line. (Man In The Mirror)

Steed: Oh, I feel as though I'm sprouting two heads.
Mrs Peel: Do you have room for expansion? (Death at Bargain Prices)

I don't go for widows. (Man With Two Shadows)

Smoke if you like. No I'm a healthy horse. (My Wildest Dream)

I don't smoke. (The Nutshell)

I don't smoke myself. But I keep some for my friends how are stupid enough to do. (TNA K is for Kill - Tiger By The Tail)

A man who would bite the end off a cigar is capable of anything. (Who's Who???)

But I'm Caesar's wife! (The Sell-Out)

Yes! We had a rather wild party last night. (The Mauritius Penny)

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