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3 Litre Bentley from 1928
YT 3942

3 Litre Bentley

License Plate: YT 3942

Chassis no.: AX 1662
Engine no: HT 1630

Coachbuilder: Vanden Plas
Date of First Registration 10 08 1927
Delivery Date: August 1927
Speed Model

First owner: C.H.W. Cross

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Series 4
Small Game for Big Hunters (no clear view on the license plate)
The Danger Makers (with license plate UW 4887)
A Touch of Brimstone
(with license plate UW 4887)
The House That Jack Built  (
with license plate UW 4887)
How To Succeed....At Murder (
with license plate UW 4887)

Series 5
Dead Man's Treasure (with license plate UW 4887)
The Positive Negative Man
Mission... Highly Improbable

Series 6:
Have Guns - Will Haggle
The Curious Case of the Countless Clues
The Forget-Me-Knot

It also appears in a 1965 flashback scene in
TNA 'K' is for Kill - The Tiger Awakes
A vintage Bentley with the same licence plate appears in TNA episode K is for Kill - The Tiger Awakes in the 1965 flashback scene where the members of the Salvation Army were killed by the Russian soldiers.

This one and the wreckage of the destroyed Bentley in Dead Men Are Dangerous are the only vintage Bentleys in TNA.
Steed's Bentleys
One of the villians drove away in this car in The Forget-Me-Knot, he's one of three male persons who ever drove in one of Steed's Bentleys and he's the only one except Steed who ever drove this car.

The front shield of his car is made of bullet proof glass, which has been damaged in Dead Man's Treasure.
Furthermore a TV screen can be installeted in the car as one can see in A Touch of Brimstone.

Penny (Death Man's Treasure) was the only woman - except Mrs. Peel - who drove with him in this car.
Dead Man's Treasure Dead Man's Treasure Dead Man's Treasure
The Danger Makers The Danger Makers Small Game for Big Hunters
The House That Jack Built A Touch of Brimstone A Touch of Brimstone
It's unknown why the licence plate UK 4887 was used for the 3l Bentley in several episodes.
The Bentley YT 3942 was also used in the Hammer film "The Ghoul" (1975), starring Peter Cushing, who portrayed Paul Beresford in Return of the Cybernauts.
The car was purchased by his current owner, Mr. Perry Margouleff, in 2015.
There is a new photo of the car on the Vintage Bentley.org website