August 7, 2014
What is Steed drinking? - new page for series 2 added
August 8, 2014
What is Steed drinking? - list for series 3 finished; small additions on Steed's dogs - Puppy, What is Steed eating?, Trivia A-H
August 9, 2014
What is Steed drinking? List for series 4 finished
August 10, 2014
What is Steed drinking? List for series 5 added; new information about flat no.4 added, new photos Target shooting, other cars
August 12, 2014
What is Steed drinking? List for series 6 added; four new pictures added for flat 4; Billiard one picture added; one new Brolly picture
August 15, 2014
Steed's Nightwear
August 17, 2014
Update on Steed's cars - The Lagonda, Bentley 6,5 litre, 1925 Bentley 3 litre Green Label, information about Cathy's car added
August 30, 2014
new page added: John Steed in novels and fan fiction
September 2, 2014
new information about Flat 1, corrections about Steed's dog Puppy, additions on page Steed Childhood/Youth
September 2, 2014
Updates in section Fan Art
September 4, 2014
new page added: Steed's Assignments and False Identities (Series 1); one new information on page Injuries
September 23, 2014
John Steed's Flat online again with new host; new page added: Steed's Superiors from Series one to The New Avengers; new
information on page Steed's dogs
September 30, 2014
Steed's Assignments and False Identities in Series 2, small update in Steed's Superiors
October 3, 2014
German Review of the book With Umbrella, Scotch and Cigarettes. An Unauthorised Guide to The Avengers Series 1
Steed's Assignments and False Identities in Series 3
October 5, 2014
Steed's Assignments and False Identities in Series 4
October 11, 2014
New cars added in section - Steed driving other cars.
October 12, 2014
Two book covers added in John Steed in Novels and Fan Fiction; Steed's childhood and family, small update on page Steed's Family;
Steed's Flat # 4
October 16, 2014
One photo added in section Other Cars; Updates in section Steed's flat no. 2
October 21, 2014
Reorganisation Flat 4; added new section Steed's Library
October 27, 2014
Porcelain figurines from Flat 4 identified
October 30, 2014
Steed's assignments Series 5; information about friends of the Steed family and Steed's auntie Queenie added in Steed's Biography-
November 16, 2014
Updates in Fanart section
November 17, 2014
minor information added about Fulmer Hall, Steed's Stud
November 23, 2014
new page added at John Steed's Library - Interviews with people related to Avengerland, minor new information about Steed's service
and training added at Steed's Biography
November 29, 2014
German translation of the interview with Ian Hendry's biographer Gabriel Hershman; original English Interview with Gabriel Hershman
with intro on Steedumbrella
December 23, 2014
Small new information about Steed in 1947 added in Steed's Biography
December 28, 2014
New identity pass added - young Steed's green priority pass in section Steed's Biography
January 4, 2015
New information about Steed's Stud and Binfield Manor as a location in TNA added in Steed's Stud and Steed's Stud - Binfield Manor
January 10,2014
Steed's Stud section reorganized; new information about Steed third flat added ( porcelain figurines)
February 14, 2015
Picture in the bedroom of Steed's first flat identified; books added in Steed's Library
February 18, 2015
Small information added about Steed's mother and his Great Dane Katie
February 19, 2015
Page added about Steed's flat in series 3, several pages reorganised and rearranged
February 21, 2015
Which telephones did Steeds use at home?
February 22. 2015
List of appearance: Steed's and Tara King's flats in series 6, Telephones at Steed's flats completed, 3 Stable Mews new objects in the
Living Room
May  4, 2015
Small update on the What is Steed drinking page - information about the Champagne added for series 5 and series 6, new link added
on page Links to Avengerland, new information about Steed's childhood added
May 9, 2015
New information about Steed's dogs added
May 14, 2015
Steed's Assigments - Series 6 added
May 24, 2015
New fashion page added: John Steed's Bow Ties
May 31, 2015
New photo of Steed's first dog Puppy added.
June 6, 2015
New links added in section Avengerland
June 22, 2015
brand new photos of Steed's flat 3, Stable Mews added; photos of Tara's flat added
Sad news: Patrick Macnee died at the age of 93 at his home in Rancho Mirage, California.
Obituaries for Patrick Macnee
Page Hobby Riding reorganized
Section Patrick Macnee rearranged; new security pass added in section Steed's Biography
Added information on page News, added information about John Steed's fictionalised biography in fanzine On Target
Updates in design of  John Steed's Flat; update on page John Steed in comics; two new pages added: John Steed's Bookshelf and in
section Fashion John Steed - Fashion Props
22-August 2015
new information in Steed's library section Novels
TNA novels and information about unmade scripts added in section Steed's Library, John Steed's bookshelf
Information added about original Steed/Macnee hats that got sold in auctions - Page Fashion Props
New information in section Steed's biography added (TV Times September 1963), new information about Steed's Jaguar from TNA
New information about Steed's car in TNA added on page Steed's Jaguar
Several pages updated in section Flats and others fixed.
Sketches of Emma Peel's flat and Cathy Gale's flat added
New information in Steed's Library added
New information added in section Steed's Library Bibliography, new information about Fictional Books added, new information about
the Vauxhall car and the AC Greyhound added, two new pages in progress: Steed action figures and Model Cars
Two new pages on John Steed's Flat: Model Cars and John Steed Action Figures; new information added in section Steed's
New information added on several pages about Steed's Bentleys
John Steed Collectibles - Jigsaw Puzzles and Games
A new book in Steed's Library
New information added about Steed's Vauxhall; new page about New Book Releases added; update in John Steed's Library Novels
Updates in section New Book Releases, new review added
John Steed's Library reorganized and a new book review added
New page added: The Avengers Stories in Annuals and Fanzines; new link added in Avengerland
New page about stories in The Avengers Annuals and fanzines added
Updates on pages Stories in Annuals, Stories in Fanzines, interactive elements added on page Flat 4, Steed action figures, Novels
Other Languages
New photo added on page Brollyfights
New information on page Brolly -Special equipment added; new photo on page Steed Flat No.4 - Kitchen;
Update in section Collectible Steed - Puzzles; information added about the model carriage in the third flat's livingroom; new information
about Steed's Alvis added
New page added: Collectible Steed - other collectibles
New information about Steed's 6,5 l Bentley from 1930 added.
New information about Steed's 1925 Bentley 3 litre Green Label added.
updates in section Fanart, Cars, Biography, Steed Collectibles,
Updates in section Steed's Cars and new information about Steed's first dane Puppy, Steed's dogs
New information about Flat No.4 added.
Update on page Links to Avengerland

June 16, 2014
John Steed's Flat goes online
June 21, 2014
Updates on page Fashion section Brolly and new page, Christmas and Parties
June 22, 2014
Updates in Links to Avengerland
June 23, 2014
Two new pictures on page Fashion section Glasses and added new page Clocks in Steed's Flats; identified three paintings in
Flat 1
June 25, 2014
Two informations and one new picture added in Clocks in Steed's Flat
June 2, 2014
Additions made on Rolls Royce Page, two new pictures on page Dogs, new information about Macnee as director, update
Carnations and Gunfight
June 30, 2014
Corrections on several pages, updates in Flat 4 section - outside, corridor, stairways, new pages Continuity Errors Flat 4 and Audio
July 3, 2014
New page added: List of episodes where Steed is smoking.
July 5, 2014
Updates in Fashion - Glasses, Flat 2 - Outside, Clocks in Steed's Flat, Flat 2 - Kitchen section
July 6, 2014
new page added: Partners - Tara King; new information about the family of Mrs Gale
July 9, 2014
Smoking Steed - information for series 1 added
July 12, 2014
Panorama picture Flat 2 added, Steed and Games page added, news about Tara's family added, news Patrick Macnee Radio
July 13, 2014
Update in section Flat 4, Steed's living room (drawings and a few other objects identified)
July 18, 2014
Page about Steed's partner Emma Peel added
July 19, 201
New page added in section Hobby & Sport - Target Shooting, new information in Fishing, Identity Cards, Flat 3
July 20, 2014
Another painting in 3 Stable Mews identified
July 29, 2014
Additions on Steed's Partners - Emma Peel, Friendship, Target Shooting, Steed in Uniform, Watches, Fan Art
August 1, 2014
New picture added at Flat 1, list added how often Flat 1 appeared, Steed eating and cooking added.
August 2, 2014
.List for appearances of Steed's third flat, 4, Queen Anne's court added. One picture added at page Target Shooting
August 4, 2014
Added Nightmares, Dreams and Memories page, updates on Flat 3, section Living Room
August 6, 2014
Additions on pages Steed's Dog Katie, Fashion Suitcases and Eating and Cooking
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